Our stimulating interactive presentations are designed to complement and enhance the requirements of the National Curriculum for all Key Stages. We carefully tailor each presentation for the individual age groups. All presentations are constantly being updated to include the most recent developments and discoveries.

Allow one hour for each presentation which will always include a question and answer session. A choice of presentations is available; each one will include a tour of the beautiful night time sky.


The Foundation and KS1 presentations are topic based

Space Travel

We look at the history of manned and unmanned space flight. Find out about the first man to travel in space, where did he go to? (Not very far actually!) Bringing you right up to date we look at images of the International Space Station.


We begin by getting the children to think about how they go on a journey, from walking to aircraft travel, before moving on to discuss astronauts journeys into space.  We will look at mankind's ultimate journey so far, the Apollo moon landings before bringing you up to date with UK astronaut Tim Peake's journey to the International Space Station.

Light and Dark

A favourite topic, we take a look at why we have day and night here on planet Earth. Light sources and the different animals that come out at night are investigated along with the sounds you might hear at night time, before letting the children experience, in a caring and fun way, what it is like in complete darkness as we stargaze in the safe planetarium environment.


We will bring you up to date with the latest information about the planets of the Solar System. Pluto's status as a Dwarf Planet will be carefully explained and of course we will not forget the Moon and the Sun.

Other Topics

If you are planning another topic then please let us know and we can design a presentation to suit your needs. Also take a look at the KS2 Ancient Greece presentation as this can also be adapted suitable for KS1.

Do not forget that all of our presentations end with a tour of the beautiful night time sky for the WOW effect that will get your children buzzing, keen and eager to get back to class and discuss what they have just seen. Plan a literacy session after a planetarium show and get some really creative writing from your class!


Earth and Space

Our main presentation for KS2 is designed to cover and expand upon The National Curriculum 'Earth and Space'. We will demonstrate how we have day and night on planet Earth and why we see the phases of the Moon ensuring that the children can understand the movement of the Earth and Moon relative to the Sun. This is especially effective in the darkened environment provided by the planetarium. We will also take a look at all of the planets and dwarf planets in the solar system discussing their size and shape, distance from the sun and distinguishing features. The stars and constellations are also covered and much much more. The presentation is suitable at any time during your period of study, either to introduce the subject, help during or to complete and summarise at the end.

Space Travel, Past, Present and Future

With new advances in technology long distance space travel is closer than ever – one day men and women will visit Mars. But where and when did it all begin. Find out about the story of mankind's quest to travel into space from the development of the rocket in WW2, to the moon landings, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. We discuss the current unmanned missions to the other planets of the solar system and let your children's imagination wonder about the 'New Horizons' space probe's photograph of Dwarf Planet Pluto.

Greek Mythology

Have you ever wondered how the constellations got their names? Taking you back to the time of Ancient Greece we go on a journey of discovery to find out. Orion, Cassiopeia, Cephus and Andromeda will tell you their story! This presentation is suitable for all ages and explains the Greek perception of the Universe and the link between the ancient gods and the constellation names. This is a superb way to develop the topic of space for science, history and literacy and fully complements every Key Stage curriculum.

Remember that all presentations will include a spectacular projection of our wonderful night time sky!

After School Presentation

Why should the kids have all the fun! We can offer an after school presentation for staff and/or parents. The planetarium is perfect for attracting parents to your AGM or social events. Please call with your requirements.


All of the presentations are suitable for an After School or Holiday Club. We appreciate that there is often a large age range at these clubs so we will adapt our talk so that everyone will enjoy the experience. Please contact us for any details.


The planetarium is a wonderful experience that will help the young people to work towards gaining their badge (Astronomer; Stargazer etc.) How often have you planned a star gazing night or night hike only to find it is cloudy! We guarantee that there are never any clouds in the planetarium! Besides a fun filled talk about space, to include the planets and beyond, we will help you to find the North Pole Star to aid your navigational skills. A tour of the constellations of the night sky completes our presentation in an awe inspiring way.


We have a lot of experience presenting shows to the public to support events in Museums etc. If you would like us to add the WOW factor to encourage visitors to come and see what you are doing then get in touch with us to discuss the options available.

For full details of any presentation please do not hesitate to contact us.