Mobile Planetarium

StarLincs is the only mobile planetarium based in Lincolnshire. We bring an exiting visual display of the night sky into your school. Now you can show your children the stars without an expensive school trip. We cover the following areas: Lincolnshire; North Lincolnshire; North East Lincolnshire; Rutland; North Norfolk; Peterborough; Nottinghamshire; Cambridgeshire; Leicestershire.

The planetarium is a self-contained darkened classroom which encourages intensive study sessions without distraction. Every presentation is led by one of our experienced teachers so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a journey into space. Suitable for all age groups and abilities the planetarium ensures that children are given the opportunity to learn all about space in a fantastic, fun and educational environment.

  WOW don't forget our 90-minute practical workshops that can complement your Planetarium experiences. Find out more