You may find the following links of interest. They are some of our favourite sites about space.
Learn about everything from the story of the Universe to how satellites predict the weather
The official NASA site for kids. Full of games, projects, animations and amazing facts.
pictures from the Hubble Space telescope.
Interactive site relating to the Earth and beyond.
Details of satellites paths across the sky.
Lots of facts and activities to do with space.
See Earth from space. Stunning satellite pictures of the Earth from different areas of space.
a site concentrating on the planets.
explore the universe from your classroom with a professional telescope.,
both these sites are a wonderful source of eclipse information and photographs
All the latest information about NASA’s first mission to Dwarf Planet Pluto
Check out this address for information about planetariums in other parts of the UK.
Latest information from the International Space Station.
Up to date news about UK astronaut Tim Peake
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